Other resources for dojo

In addition to providing a semi-static list of dojos, we can also offer ____.kenjutsu.ca domain names for your website, or ____@kenjutsu.ca e-mail addresses for your dojo.

Note that the domain names will not affect your web hosting. This is still your responsibility, and we have no input on your content. We will just point ____.kenjutsu.ca to your existing web page. You will have to provide us with the relevant DNS information. If you would like to link back to the Index, it would be appreciated but is not required.

For e-mail, we use a hosted e-mail service that charges on an annual basis per e-mail account. As such, we will have to pass that price on to you. The hosting service is Runbox, and their price plans are visible here

We have tested the e-mail service with the GMail app on a smartphone and it works fine. We expect it to work with any popular mail app.

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