This page is intended to be a resource for Canadians looking for koryu kenjutsu dojo, and related weapon arts.

(Iai, naginata, kyudo, etc)

Koryu dojo tend not to be part of a larger organization, and as such are usually harder to find. This page is meant as a central repository to search for dojo in any given area. This project began in June 2023 and will always be a work in progress as more dojo are added or removed.

For dojo affiliated with the Canadian Kendo Federation, please check their dojo directory here.
For dojo affiliated with the Canadian Iaido Association, please check their list of affiliated dojo here

For dojo affiliated with the Kyudo Association of Canada, please check their dojo list here

This list does not imply endorsement of the schools, their sensei, or the quality of instruction. Please do your own investigation into the schools before attempting to join. Any questions about the dojo should be directed to them, and not to this website.

Please use the menu at the top of the screen to search by province.

If you would like your dojo to be added to the index, update the information, or even be removed, please send an e-mail from your dojo e-mail address to with your information.